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Never Flat Wheelbarrow Tire

Solid Wheelbarrow Tire
Ready to move a load of topsoil or mulch when you find that ever so inconvenient flat wheelbarrow tire. That becomes a project in itself. The solution is a never flat solid wheelbarrow tire.
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Goalrilla Inground Hoop

Sturdy Inground Hoop
Recently had the Goalrilla CV54 installed. Wow. Solid. Worth every penny. Can also add on lights, ball return and more goalrilla accessories.

goalrilla basketball system
goalrilla accessories

Lawn Decorations

Selected amazon featured items and best sellers in lawn and garden.  Yard decorations, lawn ornaments and more.

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Solar Garden Stake Light


Organization Ideas

Products and tips to organize your garage. Make it a great space for your car, workshop, storage and more.

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Multiple uses, this Lazy Susan can help organize your kitchen. We just installed in a cabinet as a turntable spice rack. It’s a space saver and organizer. Under $13 on Amazon

Lazy Susan Spice Rack

Turn an existing closet into a small mudroom. We recently finished this mudcloset off with a bench, cubbies, shelves and hooks.

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HDTV Antenna

HD TV Antenna Tired of paying for cable televison or satellite tv ? Then it’s time to try an HD TV Antenna. These latest state of the art antennas can bring you local channels, news, weather, sitcoms and sports programs at no monthly cost. You can receives free High Definition TV signals such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and Fox and more and many support 1080p HD. Simple setup too – typically just connect the antenna to your tv, let it search for channels and then enjoy crystal clear, HD shows. Today’s antennas are slim, stylish and powerful. And no more cable bill. Many options are available right from Amazon. Here is a link to Amazon’s Best Selling HD TV Antennas.

Home Tech Tips

We use for Running at night and those home improvement projects in the dark. Very powerful.

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Black Diamond Headlamp

Connects to your TV’s HDMI port. Provides tons of channels, apps, games and more with access to Prime Video, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and more.

Speakers that connect wirelessly to your bluetooth compatible phone or device. A necessity for camping, decks and backyard parties.

Bluetooth Speakers

Simple Home Repairs

Torn or sagging window screen ? Many times they can be easily repaired in minutes.

Tools and Kits: Screen Repair Kit

Instructions: Screen Repair Steps

Or for small holes try Screen Window Repair Tape